Social Media Video Part 3

4. Nail Down Your Goals and KPIs Now

How will you know you’re winning? Because you’re setting a goal and tracking towards it regularly with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)!

Let’s say you have two goals for your video strategy: increasing positive brand sentiment and increasing brand awareness. You might want to focus on brand sentiment as a KPI, and video shares.

Choose one of the KPIs below that best fits with your goals:

  • Engagement

  • Website Traffic

  • Awareness

  • Sentiment

  • Mentions

  • Selling

Do this both for your entire social video strategy and for each campaign/video you put together. Then you’ll be able to report back and say, “This video campaign accounted for 40% of our engagement growth in Q3,” or, “This video campaign has us 70% of the way towards our overall goal for social video this year. Way to go, team!” Tracking your KPIs on a regular basis will also ease the process of optimization as you go along.

Action Item: Not sure where to start for exact numbers? Look back at past numbers and set a goal that is attainable. Maybe a stretch…but always attainable.

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