Social Video Marketing: What We Know for Sure

In the ever-changing social ecosystem, it can be hard to make definitive statements about what works and what doesn’t, but here’s a breakdown of where the truth lies for social marketers today.

1. Start with One Simple Question

What do you want to accomplish with this video and/or video campaign (if you could only pick one thing)?

This question may seem, well, obvious. But, when you’re starting a new marketing approach, you need to be clear from the very beginning about what the core value is for your brand. You will have to shift time, resources, and probably ad budget away from other channels. What makes it worth it for you?

One of our audience members wanted guidance on building a social video strategy for his brand, which focuses on professional services—a more unique use case for social video. We asked him a question back: “What do you want to get out of this video for your brand?” He responded eloquently, saying that he wanted to show customers and prospects the humans behind all the work output, and convey their different product offerings in a way that’s clear and concise.

We said, congratulations! You have outlined the heart of your social video strategy. Once you get super specific about what you want to get out of social video, the path to get there becomes more clear. A series of interviews with employees about why they love what they do, social-sized case study videos, and workplace culture videos would beautifully fit our audience member’s needs.

Action Item: Write this question down, and answer it. If you’re stumped, have casual conversations with other team members about what they would want to get out of social video. If it would help, get everyone in the same room and do a quick round robin to get everyone’s perspective on the issue. This will also help you get initial buy-in from the rest of your marketing team.

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