Video testimonials convert

The ultimate goal of any marketing tactic is to convert potential customers into paying ones. And for all the reasons above, video testimonials are great at converting.

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 benchmarks study asked professional content marketers which tactics were the most effective for meeting their organisation’s goals. Case studies were ranked as #2, only behind ebooks and white papers. And videos were #3 on the list of content types that are most often used by content marketers.

There’s a reason that so many content marketers are using both video and testimonials: because they work. And when you put them together, you have a marketing tactic that drives social shares, brings more traffic to your site, builds trust with your audience, and converts customers.

Some of the biggest brands in the world, including GE, Ford, Salesforce, and Dove, invest significant amounts of time and money in creating video testimonials. They’re seen during the Super Bowl, on primetime TV, and all over the internet.

These are companies that have millions, if not billions, to spend on marketing and research. If they’re still taking the time to create video testimonials, it’s because they’re converting customers and generating revenue.

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