Video Has a Higher Retention Rate Than Text

A commonly cited statistic says that video has a 95% retention rate, while people only remember 12% of textual information. While the study (and the attendant details) seems to have disappeared, the general idea is echoed in other places as well.

There are many reasons that video makes content “stickier” in people’s minds. The emotional connections we just discussed, for example, activate emotional centers in the brain, which have been shown to increase information retention.

Storytelling has a similar effect on the brain. Our brains are particularly attuned to stories—and that’s exactly what testimonials provide. Stories of people overcoming problems are particularly irresistible. Again, that’s perfect for testimonials.

Interesting visuals help people remember information, which keeps your product’s benefits top-of-mind. A video itself is visually interesting, but adding graphics and text to it makes it even more persuasive.

A well-executed testimonial video hits all of the points that help people remember your company. Of course, users still have to watch your video.

But if you create a high-quality video and keep it short, that shouldn’t be a problem, because . . 

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