Preparing your home for sale Part 2

Outside your home

  1. You need to maximise your homes street appeal, so make sure the entrance is clean tidy and inviting.

  2. Trim all trees and shrubs and keep the paths and driveway free of any debris such as dirt, sticks and stones.

  3. Mow lawns, trim edges and weed your garden on regular basis during the selling period, you never know when a potential buyer may drive past.

  4. Add fresh mulch to your garden if possible, this will give a fresh lease on life and will help reduce the weeds.

  5. Give your garden some extra colour by planting some flowers; potted flowers will also brighten up any porches or patios.

  6. Clean your gutters and remove any cobwebs from around the property.

  7. Repair any fences around the property that may be damaged and give a fresh coat of paint if needed.

  8. Clean any outdoor furniture you may have or remove any broken or ugly setting you may have.

  9. Remove oil stains from driveway’s, carports and garages.

  10. Pick up any land minds the doggies have left behind..

Stay tuned for more from the leading Macedon ranges photographer. Next up will be what to do before opens and inspections of your house. Get the best price for your home or real estate item. 

Not sure what else you can do, give Tim a call on 0448 621 079 we can come and meet you and discuss some options to styling your home on a tight budget or work with one of our recommended real estate and interiors stylists.