Preparing your home for sale

Inside your home

  1. De-clutter !!!!!! Remove an unnecessary clutter from benchtops and rooms. This will give a more spacious feel.

  2. Repair any damages to walls and give a fresh coat of paint where necessary. It will give a fresh new look to any room that needs a new look and feeling.

  3. Fine details always count, give the walls, windows, architraves and skirting boards a wipe down and clean or splash of paint if required, have the carpets professionally steam cleaned and tend to any leaking taps, sticky doors, windows or cupboards.

  4. Test lights, replace any light bulbs as required, have back ups also in case these need to be replaced.

  5. If you require to move any unnecessary items to cupboards, make sure you store these neatly. Keep linen press and storage areas tidy and presentable.

  6. In tile and grout areas of the home, make sure you clean these areas well, a good tile scrub will do wonders for the overall look of your home.

  7. Clean all mirrors, windows, fans and ducts to present a clean home for sale.

  8. Don’t forget on top of cupboards, fan blades and light fittings for cleaning.

  9. Wash windows inside and out, including the fly screens, wipe down all sills, this will give a very clean and presentable look to your home.

  10. Dust the house and all the furniture.. make the first impression to be the best you can..

Stay tuned for more from the leading Macedon ranges photographer. Next up will be what to do outside to prepare your house for sale. Get the best price for your home or real estate item. 

Not sure what else you can do, give Tim a call on 0448 621 079 we can come and meet you and discuss some options to styling your home on a tight budget or work with one of our recommended real estate and interiors stylists.